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B Coenzyme Methyl Complex 30 Vegitarian Capsules

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A comprehensive Coenzyme Methylated B Complex with coenzyme B vitamins, Methyl Folate and Methylcobalamin.  In addition, we added Choline and Lipoic Acid.   Coenzyme and Methylated B vitamins have a direct impact on metabolism, as well as supporting detoxification of hormonal pathways.   They also aid the absorption of other nutrients. Those with the MTHFR enzyme polymorphism do not convert these much-needed B Vitamins into their active form.  The methylation of B vitamins is important to the proper function of the endocrine system, metabolism, and the circulatory system. This formula supports a healthy stress response, normal detoxification, a healthy inflammation response, energy production, and homocysteine production. This is why a methyl B vitamin complex is a regular part of many people’s daily supplement routine. ‡

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