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B12 90s

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This formula is a highly absorbable, great tasting lozenge that supplies the methylated form of B12, substantial amounts of folate as both methyl folate and calcium folinate, as well as the activated form of B6 in a small tasty gluten-free vegetarian tablet that can be used as a lozenge or swallowed.  These are superior types of these nutrients that are better utilized in the body.  Many B12 formulas contain folic acid that can lead to un-metabolized folic acid (UMFA) which the body cannot use and which may cause problems from excessive usage.  Many body functions that require vitamin B12 also require folate and achieve synergistic effect when vitamin B6 in its active form (P5P) is included.  Especially useful for the elderly and vegetarians who often do not get enough vitamin B12.  These ingredients help to support the immune system, healthy mood and increased focus.  They also may help to maintain healthy homocysteine levels. ‡

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