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Whole Food Men's Complete Multi

Product Description

Our Organic Vegan Whole Food Men’s Multi is a special kind of vitamin made just for men. It’s packed with nutrients from organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are good for you. We make sure everything in it comes from nature and is grown without any artificial stuff or GMOs (that means no genetically modified organisms). This vitamin gives you a big boost of B-vitamins to help keep your energy up and your heart healthy. Plus, it has Vitamin D from plants to help keep your immune system strong.

We’ve also added a special blend of herbs, including maca and pumpkin, which are great for men’s health. And, we use real foods like shiitake mushrooms, moringa, amla berry, and holy basil to make our vitamin full of the good stuff your body needs. You just need to take two of these organic tablets every day.‡

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